The Repalle Engineers Society (RES) aims to be active through-out Repalle. Activity in Repalle taluk (Nagaram, Nizampatnam and Cherukupalli mandals) as well as Repalle Town is already enthusiastic and alive. We aim to include the other provinces as well.

Contact us if you would like to get your area on the map (or is that "on the res?")!

The current executive committee of the Repalle Engineers Society is:

President V.L.Prasad Pushadapu nanipushadapu@gmail.com
Vice President Venkata Raju N nunna_venkataraju@yahoo.com
Secretary Rama Krishna Tiruveedhula tirurk@yahoo.com
Asst.Secretary Chandra Shekar Katta withlovechandu@gmail.com
Treasurer Sridhar Babu Gunturu sridharbabu.gsb@gmail.com
Member Rajesh Perikala milkyway_raj@yahoo.co.in

Other executive members, "engineers" and enthusiasts of the RES includes Kambham Srinivasa Rao.